Ashtanga Yoga with Pratima
Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient healing system rooted on linking rhythmic breathing with specific postures. This dynamic process creates internal heat, which oxygenates, flush and revitalizes the body at the cellular level. The foundations of Ashtanga Yoga are Breath, Bandhas (energy locks), Vinyasa (syncing breath/movement) & Drishti (steady gazing). Cultivating these skills will help sharpen our senses and develop inner awareness. With practice, this powerful moving meditation will calm the mind; strengthen the body and nourish the nervous system. As you become stronger and discover better alignment, you will be able to move deeper into challenging poses and develop a sense of ease and freedom in your practice.

Yoga Basics
7pm – 8pm
Fall Series: 9/11 – 11/13
$95 for 10 WEEKS
registration needed/no class cards

A no pressure, nurturing & welcoming environment safe to explore yoga for maybe your first time.
A slower class for new students or those seeking a more detailed practice. Emphasis on easing tension, increasing flexibility, and beginning to wake up inner strength & balance with breath, movement and meditation.
The Basics class prepares you to venture into other ongoing classes on the schedule with confidence.