Gentle/Moderate Yoga with Cindy

A practice for all levels to enjoy. Gentle stretches combined with strengthening poses helps further one’s basic practice along, while giving more practiced yogis a sense of relaxed effort as you deepen your journey. Delicious warm ups of shoulders/back/hips helps the yogi continue into the yoga flow with grace & awareness.

Kundalini Yoga

An inspiring classes where you will optimize your energy, open your heart, and let Spirit flow. The ancient yogis and healers have ceded us the treasure trove of Kundalini Yoga so that we could heal ourselves and burn brightly in this world. Experience a comprehensive physical /metaphysical workout! Expand your range of movement physically, mentally, and beyond. Share in a powerful group energy and fill your life with strength, success, and beautiful breakthroughs. 80% physical / 20% Meditative. This class is for ALL LEVELS! Come as you are; be more than you were!

Restorative Yoga with Janice

Using blankets, bolsters and other yoga props to support the body in delicious relaxation. Be supported and learn to let go! No yoga experience necessary, perfect for those with limited mobility or simply those wanting/needing a very grounding, relaxed practice.