Open Yoga – Mixed Levels with Dana

Open Mixed Levels. Practice a wise variety of postures with a soothing sequence incorporating the breath. Perfect way to relieve tension, promote flexibiltiy & vitality plus creating calm in the mind. Attention to the individual’s inner experience, empowering the quietude inside to follow one’s own needs and not to any competitive nature.

A moderate practice ~ come tired and stressed and leave refreshed!

Deep Gentle Yoga with Chris

A basic yoga class meant to connect awareness of your breathing, body & presense. This is the beginning, learning to embody and move wisely while improving flexibility, key strength & calm. Great for beginners, those healing injury, or those of us that simply like the luxurious pace and relaxation Gentle Yoga provides!

Restorative Flow with Christine Grabo
Finding balance between strength and ease through gentle postures and conscious breath. Sweet transitions between restorative poses grows awareness from the inside out. Quieting the body nourishes the mind to ground down and settle. Making enough space inside to feel everything, allowing true self room to just be. This class is a beautiful blend of opening movement & postures with the deep relaxation of restorative postures (the body is supported in specific angles with bolsters and blankets to allow complete release and relaxation). Suitable for beginners & all levels.