Yin Yang Yoga with Dana

Yin is gentler, quiet practice helping to ground, deepen breath and release tension. This style focuses on the deeper connective tissues encouraging the free flow of chi/prana through long held poses. This freed up energy encourages more vitality as we then open our awareness with more Yang, flowing with posture sequences more fluidly.
All levels welcome. A great early morning practice!

Gentle Yoga with Chris

Class takes time with learning foundational breathing practices while moving through basic yet powerful postures that help bolster flexibility, release stress, and gain key strength. All levels, beginners welcome.

Restorative Flow with Christine Grabo

Finding balance between strength and ease through gentle postures and conscious breath. Sweet transitions between restorative poses grows awareness from the inside out. Quieting the body nourishes the mind to ground down and settle. Making enough space inside to feel everything, allowing true self room to just be. This class is a beautiful blend of opening movement & postures with the deep relaxation of restorative postures (the body is supported in specific angles with bolsters and blankets to allow complete release and relaxation). Suitable for beginners & all levels.