Prana Flow
Synchronize breath with movement as we flow through a continuous series of postures. The breath is used as a strong focal point for each movement to create depth and expansion. This class will start on the mat with soft, warming postures which leads into stronger standing and balancing series. This meditative session winds down into gentler, calmer practices flowing effortlessly into relaxation.

Gentle Yoga with Verred

A basic yoga class meant to connect awareness of your breathing, body & presense. This is the beginning, learning to embody and move wisely while improving flexibility, key strength & calm. Great for beginners, those healing injury, or those of us that simply like the luxurious pace and relaxation Gentle Yoga provides!

Kundalini Yoga with Bean Booker

An ALL Levels open yoga class to uplift and heal! Through yoga movements, breathwork, meditations & relaxation this NOON session will help move vital energy inside while focusing the mind. Elevate your energy and transform for the good!
Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini is a powerful medium that helps give you the experience of your soul. You need not be bendy and twisty to feel the profound effects. It is a yoga for householders; for people who have to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses. It is a path for everyone who wants the skills to cope successfully with the challenges of our times.

Yin Yoga with Liza
Yin Yoga helps us take our foot off the accelerator helping to calm the nervous system by bringing the body and mind closer connected to be less reactive, “neutral mind”. The practice
uses traction & compression during long holds to Deeply stimulate the body’s ability to hydrate, and replenish our deeper tissues.