Recovery Yoga Weekly ongoing class
Incorporating the 12 Steps Recovery Program with a discussion meeting and a yoga class

Most of us have some kind of addiction which adversely affects our lives. Alchohol, drugs, gambling, food, relationships,exercise, it goes on….
The gift of incorporating Yoga and the 12 Steps of Recovery are astounding. Come with an open mind and heart!

Sal brings over 20 years of personal recovery experience to this Yoga Class.
‘ I simply could not ground myself until I combined the 12 steps of Recovery and my Yoga practice. Yoga brings me to my body and breath, helping to still my mind. It has been one of my greatest gifts of recovery!

An inner belonging is one of strong resilancy, a courage to listen to what is inside and act on that. It’s a vulnerability that allows us to feel the terrain of life through a lens of compassion and understanding for others and ourselves.

Yoga is an ancient tool that works our bodies with the fierce focus of our minds. It hones our skill to track our breath deep down so we may be with ourselves in a grounded peaceful state so when the moments come that test us, we are ready. Our bodies are our vehicle in life, our experiences become part of us, our physical, emotional, mental and energetic landscape. It’s important to let go, so we may grow.

The illuminating practice of mindful movement, breathwork, mantra and meditation can help carry us deep, attached to an anchor of peace and loving attention.

This practice will give time to a meditative practice that will cultivate deep release, presense and revive our energy. Kripalu and Kundalini roots will be reflected.
For all levels.

$20 pre-registration/$25 day of.
Low funds? Donate what you can, no one is turned away