Chelsea Gockel

When teaching yoga, I love to empower students to explore what feels best in their
bodies; through breath, play, and alignment. I invite my students to move deeper beyond the
physical postures, into the essence of yoga, and into its relationship with our lives. Through this
connection with yoga, we can learn to live with more clarity, joy, grace, and ease.
I have been fascinated with the healing power of movement since I can remember. I was born
into this world to move and explore. From a young age I trained in dance, gymnastics,
cheerleading, bodybuilding, and more. This journey of play and exploration in movement led me
to yoga in 2009 after my father passed on. This is where I discovered the significance of
movement in relation to healing our emotional and mental bodies. I received my initial 200 hour
RYT at Samadhi Center for Yoga + Meditation in Denver, CO, along with 40 hours of Yoga
Nidra Training. My main focus was in Tantra Hatha and Anusara, Vinyasa, Forrest Yoga, and
Yoga Nidra. I initially taught in Denver, Oklahoma, Maui, and for retreats around the world until
landing in Connecticut in 2020. My recent fascination is how we store emotions in our bodies,
and through the awareness of this, in unison with our breath and movement, we can heal
ourselves and embody a life that we truly love.