Jennifer Greenwald

After the birth of her first child in 2007, Jennifer was feeling frazzled and drained. As a long time student of yoga, Jennifer knew she had to return to her practice to find some mind-body toning after feeling the ‘weighty’ effects of both childbirth and being a new parent.

“As if by divine accident, I ordered a yoga video not realizing it was a Raviana Kundalini video.” She saw the words “yoga” and “weight loss” and was sold. The very first time she practiced with that DVD she was hooked. It was one of the most enlightening and aligning yoga experiences she had had.

In 2015, Jennifer had the privileged opportunity to train with Ravi Singh and Ana Brett.

Alignment, divine connection, strength and clarity are just some of the benefits Jennifer has found through her KY practice. KY continues to be the backbone of her existence to keep her balanced and bright as she raises her three children and runs her holistic coaching business.

Jennifer is particularly passionate about teaching mindfulness to the younger generation in the hopes of minimizing the suffering that has been occurring on this planet. One of her greatest rewards in life is to share her love of KY and the magical breakthroughs and transformations that can occur with the practice.