Liza Dousson

The day she nearly missed a plane to Europe for a business meeting because of a particularly stellar NYC Yoga class, she knew it was time to surrender her world. She became a corporate drop-out in 2000 and began teaching Yoga classes shortly thereafter. But she also continued to “travel” the halls of Yoga philosophy, practice & training methods from Iyengar to Hatha, PowerYoga to Vinyasa, Bikram to Vipassana to name a few — wrapping in the study of Thai Yoga Therapy — during a 7-year in-depth cultural immersion from 2001-2007 in India and Thailand.

By learning & practicing many Yoga techniques over the years, Liza deeply respects each each person’s unique journey & potential for discovery along the path. She aspires to offer, In her teaching & in Thai Yoga Therapy sessions, gifts she has found along the way: the power of stillness; trusting introspective discovery to guide healing within ourselves; and a steady diet of authentic living so these experiences support the spiritual evolution and greater freedom — alive, aware & here.