Natasha Warner

I teach Fresh Yoga. This particular system was created to help people process trauma through calling attention to their habitual patterns. This vinyasa-based system challenges students to be present and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

As a person who has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, this system feels like it was created with me in mind. Considering my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and 12 years of competing and coaching both collegiately and professionally, I thought I understood the body. Particularly mine. I was wrong.

In prioritizing my self care I committed to a consistent practice of yoga. I shortly learned
That yoga was about way more than the therapy I discovered that yoga was about way more than the postures. After tuning in I realized the yoga was indeed helping me to undo years of negative self talk, process un-resolved trauma and find myself again.

I feel obligated to share what I have discovered through my personal practice with others. While the body does keep the score, I believe we can re-program our habits and start healing from the inside out. Yoga has helped me to peel back the layers of myself with care, love, kindness. That is precisely what I’d hope to facilitate in my classes. My hope is that people will walk out of my classes feeling like they know themselves, belong to themselves and are enough.