200/300 hour Teacher Training with Ravi Singh

Kundalini Yoga Evolution/Revolution Teacher Training

200/300 Hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Begins March 2019

Training Weekends:
Fridays 2-6pm, Saturdays 8am-6pm, Sundays 6am – 1pm

March 8-10, April 12 – 14, May 10 – 12, June 7 – 9, July 12 – 14, August 9 – 11

This Training is not just another training in another style. It’s designed to honor what’s essential in All Yoga. It’s for students are who ready to take their path and practice to a next level, grow in consciousness, come into Spiritual and personal maturity, and make a life-changing impact in the lives of those they serve. Sometimes Teachers from other traditions view Kundalini Yoga as poses done with Breath of Fire, or fast movements and lots of chanting. That is a vast over-simplification. What Kundalini Yoga represents is the “greatest hits” of the saints and sages of the ages.

Ultimately Kundalini Yoga is a methodology to invoke Spirit Rising (Kundalini). Kundalini is life itself. Life was created to evolve and flourish. That becomes a living metaphor for our blossoming. Kundalini Yoga teaches that it’s our birthright to have Heaven here and that it is possible to make our life our yoga and our yoga our life and have these inform and enhance the other. It’s the perfect thing for now.

We present Kundalini Yoga in a way that provides tools to go anywhere and teach anyone, especially populations at risk, and people with mobility issues, and who are struggling to simply find a reason to live. We also create space for people to be authentic and to process their process. We focus on form and alignment because we want to train consummate yogis in the context of All Yoga.

This amazing technology has been passed on generation after generation reverentially because of the power and profundity of these powerful practices. In fact along with the Training you will be assigned a powerful personal sadhana to heal yourself on all the levels you are and fast-track your inner/outer progress. We hope that you will consider taking this journey with us. Based on our experience over many many Trainings, we assure you that it will be a hero’s journey and the journey of a lifetime.

Total Cost for the six modules of the 200/300 hr. Training: $2900
(includes 350 page manual for both the 200 and 300 hr. Trainees!)

Payment plans are available, please contact Sally or Ravi for more information.

• Please return your application & registration (checks payable to Ravens Wing Yoga) to:
Ravens Wing Yoga
19 S. Main St.
Branford, CT 06405

Please note that payment for this training is non-refundable. If you need to miss a weekend
you can make it up at a future Ana and Ravi training or event, but to receive credit we
require that you let us know in which modules you will be missing before the Training begins.
Also, we cannot be responsible for losses due to inclement weather, travel delays, personal
issues, or other forms of force major. Please consult www.travelguard.com for further
protection options.

Ana and Ravi info: ravianayoga@aol.com / 1.800.243.9642 / www.raviana.com
We look forward to seeing you.

For more information please call Sally Noel 203.488.9642

Location for the Training: Ravens Wing Yoga 19 South Main St. Branford, CT

Accomodations in Branford: Holiday Inn Express & Beaumont Inn and Suites as well as AirBnB.