Yin Yoga101: Yin Yoga Meets Mini-Mindfulness Moments

Yin Yoga 101: Yin Yoga Meets Mini-Mindfulness Moments

May 21, 2-4pm with Liza Dousson
Offered IN STUDIO or live-stream via Zoom
With this latest installment of YIN YOGA 101, you will experience how this practice offers space & atmosphere for greater mindfulness through Stillness & Time.  We will delve into a Buddhist mindfulness practice,  Shamatha (“calm abidance” or “tranquility”), which incorporates breath and stillness which beautifully complements a Yin Yoga shape to create mini-meditation opportunities. This workshop will hone your concentration, provide repeatable tools to and encourage a more mediative attitude during the slow, thoughtful, interior Yin poses we explore together.
Beginners to a mindfulness practice are most welcome. If you’ve given Yin Yoga a try and have yearned to know more about this practice, this workshop is for you!  If you’re a more regular student or teacher, fabulous! Please join us to experience greater calm within your Yin Yoga practice, and to see how that calm translates beyond the mat, where the results of a Yoga practice really happen!
Early Bird $35 by May 15.
Regular Pricing: $45
Proof of Covid-19 vaccination needed to attend this in studio class.