Chakra Mindfulness & Yoga

Chakra Mindfulness & Yoga with Sally Noel

Sundays 4-5:30pm 

February 3 – March 24

Week 7 – March 24: A total chakra flow from root to crown and back down (total embodiment) – All Welcome.

Seekers on the yogic path know there’s a rich inner world that helps an individual ground into who they essentially are beyond the thinking mind.  Using the symbolism of the chakra system as well as subtle energy anatomy we’ll enrich our yoga and meditation practice helping to grow deeper insight and understanding into the Self.

Practice will be moderately  based with an understanding of basic yoga breathing techniques helpful.

Signing up for the series includes our Metallphonic Yoga and Singing Bowl workshop happening on week 7 with Priscilla Gale and Sally Noel.

Drop ins and class cards welcome.