Chakra/Ten Body Activation with Ravi Singh

Chakra/Ten Body Activation

Kundalini Yoga with Ravi Singh

Saturday June 23, 10:30-12:30pm 

Location: The Love Tribe Center: 1008 Main St. Branford, CT

To be a yogi means to be in a constant state of refinement, physically, emotionally, and karmically. So much depends on our ability to stay inspired and align ourselves with the rhythm and flow of the Universe. The ancient yogis and healers have ceded us the treasure trove of Kundalini Yoga so that we could heal ourselves and burn brightly in this world.

Experience a great physical /metaphysical workout! Expand your range of movement physically, mentally, and beyond. Share in a powerful group energy and fill your life with strength, success, and Spirit! 75% physical / 25% Meditative ALL LEVELS!


Celebrated Teacher Ravi Singh has 45 yrs. teaching experience and (with Ana Brett) is Author of 25 best-selling DVD’s & a newly released: The Kundalini Yoga Book, Life in the Vast Lane.