DJ Mata

Wah! performs as DJ Mata

Where: OHYA FESTIVAL Branford Town Green

When: August 24, 6:30pm

Cost: FREE !

Wah! performs as DJ Mata using Ableton Live to bring loops, beats, samples and live vocals. Her CD series HIGH ENERGY showcases her work creating electronic mantra. Check out High Energy 1 and High Energy 2.

DJ Mata has performed at Floyd Yoga Jam and Lovelight Festival, and performs regularly at around the San Francisco area.  James Leary provides lights and projections for the events.

You can expect:
– loops and beats
– Sanskrit mantra and English lyrics
– inspiring projection art
– live singing by Wah!
– upbeat, danceable electronic music

Wah! started her record label Wah! Music in 1997 and has recorded over 25 albums of music in a variety of styles. She is an innovator in her field, using a deep understanding of music and healing to create profound transformative events.