From Earth to Ether 5 Week Morning Series

From Earth to Ether : A 5 Week Morning Series

An exploration through the 5 elements within a Yoga practice.

Mondays 7-8am November 23 – December 21

with Lauren Dailey

Join us this early morning yoga practice. We will recommit to ourselves and explore our connection to the five elements that make up the world around us; earth, water, fire, air, and ether.
Move through a practice that invokes the energy of the elements and aims to balance their nature within us. Each class will begin with a short introduction and centering, then move through postures and breath exercises that are suitable for all levels. Through this practice, we will create accountability and devotional time to commit to ourselves, as well as explore our relationship and harmony with nature.

All levels welcome. Ground and Uplift!  Class is offered via LIVESTREAM

Dedicate for the 5 weeks $55 sign up via “series classes

OR use a class card or drop in via our schedule page.