Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

with Sean Going, Acupuncturist & Liza Dousson Yoga Teacher

Saaturday, May 4, 2019 4-7PM

3-hour Module — $60

This module is part of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training but is also open to other interested yoga students, bodyworkers and healing professionals.

Join us in welcoming the wisdom of special guest Sean Going, LAc, MacOM, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who will share an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & meridian theory. As a practicing acupuncturist Sean is passionate about using Asian Medicine to assist his clients as they discover vitality of mind, body and spirit.

Sean will support your “dive into YIN”, to better understand the language-ing and thematics of YIN Yoga’s Taoist roots & medicine system. After Sean’s talk you’ll experience a YIN Yoga practice with Liza Dousson incorporating aspects of these foundational ancient medicine roots – including how YIN Yoga’s methodology of traction & compression engages acupuncture’s “cousin” acupressure – to enhance the rebalancing and revitalization of body/mind/spirit.

Enhance your own personal YIN Yoga practice, and as a Teacher gain examples of how to bring the topic into your class offerings in an engaging, meaningful way. 

About Sean Going, LAc, MacOM

Sean treats clients of every age — from infants to our 90-somethings in his Essex office at New Earth Acupuncture — for a variety of health conditions always with the goal of bringing more joy and balance within body, mind & spirit. Sean began his career in healthcare working as a clinical case manager for adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses and during those years as a case manager, he began studying Chinese Medicine. In 2007 he entered as a full-time Masters Candidate graduate program at the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ASAOM). In 2009, he completed ASAOMs optional Tuina Chinese Medical Bodywork program and was certified as a practitioner of Tuina (Traditional Chinese Medical Massage). In 2010, Sean completed ASAOM’s Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a comprehensive, full-time, four-year program for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. At graduation, Sean was awarded “Highest Distinction” for academic achievements and presented with ASAOM’s Outstanding Leadership Award. Following his graduation, Sean worked as a full-time Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in an internship at the Haikou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, in China’s Hainan Province, where he witnessed or assisted in over 2,600 treatments.  For more information about Sean visit

About Liza Dousson, eRYT & YACEP

Liza has been dedicated to the practice of “slowing it down” since she departed from her hustle/bustle corporate life in 2000, became a certified yoga teacher and soon after went on several lengthy journeys in India and Southeast Asia, directly connecting with the ancient healing roots of Yoga, Thai Yoga and Qi Gong at their source. Deep journeys of that kind can change our world – and us — forever. And that is why those ancient roots and places are so deeply wound into Liza’s narrative offered during yoga classes, workshops & trainings. The direct experiences are foundational to her respect for the powerful & relevant benefits of these offerings to us today in the modern 21st Century Digital Age. For more about Liza and Yin Yoga visit