Lighten Up Life

Lighten Up Life

with Sal Annunziato

A special class to allow ourselves to shine, laugh and be who we are, nothing more, nothing less.
Sal Nunz, who has been teaching for over a decade and has over 30 years of Life Recovery, believes we all – at times – take life and the very practice of Yoga itself way too seriously.

Although our practices are very important, the way we go about them makes all the difference in the world.  Moving with lightness and ease creates a real sense of feeling at home within ourselves.

This class will be a yoga practice for all levels of ability.  We’ll sing, laugh and share and enjoy whatever else comes up!  Be prepared to smile.

Cost: $12
Sal Annunziato is a yoga teacher, musician, philanthropist, CEO, and the founder of the Love Tribe Center in Branford where he teaches his Life Recovery Yoga classes.  Sal has a way of holding a safe space for all to be, practice and share while helping to build strong community.