Lovelight Yoga & Live Music

Lovelight Yoga & Live Music

Friday November 22, 6-7:30p

with Sally Noel & Sal Annunziato

Nourish the fire of love, strengthen the will & grace to let go.  It is said on the yoga path that we need healthy attachments of spirit in order to let go into freedom.  Faith in love, the breath, the unknown, God, however you wish to interpret, allows us the inner permission to let go of fear, doubt and restrictions that keep us separate.

In this fun class we’ll delve into yoga, breath, chanting & music, raising our inner vibration to help ground us into what is real and what is good… and what makes us unique.  Practice will weave soothing hatha yoga with kundalini kriya to help bolster energy and balance our presence.  Singing further sets our meditative capacity on the expanded track, grounding us in positive vibration while uplifting our hearts.

Use your RW class card or $20 drop in.

Sally Noel is the founder and director of Raven’s Wing Yoga since 2004.  Her background ranges from biodynamic farming in the high desert of New Mexico, open water swimming, raising 2 kids, to yoga study and residencies at Kripalu Center 98-99, Heartwood Institute 2000, and Rocky Mountain Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda 2000-2002.  She loves bringing earth centered practices to her yoga offerings to help expand the heart’s capacity to express.

Sal Nunz is a yoga teacher, musician, philanthropist, Love Tribe Center founder,  CEO and visionary.  His journey is rich in recovery, healing, loss and life.  His enthusiasm is contagious his realness true.  He’s been offering live music and kirtan at Raven’s Wing since 2005.

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