Metallphonic: Himalayan Singing Bowls & Yoga

Metallphonic:  Himalayan Singing Bowls with Priscilla Gale + Deep Gentle Yoga with Sally

Saturday October 22, 2-3:30pm

Join us as we move through a very decadent, liberating and restful yoga series while bathing in the healing vibrations of the bowls.  We will add just enough movement to keep us comfortable while remaining still enough to openly receive.  Sound Healing with Priscilla is an opportunity to fully immerse ourselves safely into this realm of deep healing.  Being with the bowls is an experience that effects not only our physical body, but throughout our energetic bodies as well.  The bowls seek out what needs love and balance and goes to work!  Yoga practice appropriate for all levels – we will remain close to the ground.

$25 pre-registration by Oct. 12. ($35 thereafter) space limited.