Law of Attraction & Meditation

Law of Attraction & Meditation with JD Avallone

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 7am-7:30am

6 week session: January 10 – February 11

Register for all 3 days for 6 weeks, follow the series link.  Or sign up for any day, any week on our weekly schedule.

Start off the New Year with Law of Attraction and Meditation. JD has been coaching clients in this method for over six years. Begin your day pouring positive energy into whatever state of being or experience you are living into. Join us if you are new, wanting a refresher or just seeking a group to support the energy of your practice. Classes will kick off with a brief explanation of LOA and time to clarify your vision. You will be guided through a practice to come into the fully embodied feeling of it already being true. After class, the zoom room will stay open to address questions, share success stories and discuss the nuances of the Law of Attraction.

Cost for series: $70 (14 classes)

Or use class card/drop in for any class.

JD Avallone: