OHYA Festival July 14

Open Hearts Yoga and Arts Festival ~ OHYA!

Branford Town Green Saturday July 14, 10am – 8pm


Artist  & Wellness Vendors will be present all day.

Yoga, Wellness and Meditation Classes Free for all take place.  We have 4 tents housing a multitude of classes and mini workshops and talks throughout the day for all the enjoy and learn from.

A KIDS TENT will also be there with Free Yoga and Art projects for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Schedule will be out around the last week in May to first week in June, stay tuned.

6pm Free Kirtan Concert with Wah!  will help close out our fun and inspiring day.  Right there on the Branford Green!

This festival is possible through generous sponsorships and donations including our vendors.  Donations can also be made through our website and every little bit counts.  All funds generated, after the operational costs from the festival is covered, goes to local charities including the Community Dining Room, New Reach and Citizens Campaign for the Environment, helping those that do good work for the benefit of our community… we are one.

More on Wah!

Wah and her band will deliver a spirited kirtan concert, call and response chanting to uplift and connect.  Kirtan is a practice where we all sing together.  Connecting more with sound vibrations of sacred mantras and thier capacity to open our hearts and minds up inside.

LESS STRESS MORE WAH! is a bumper sticker her fans made. It sums up what people are feeling about Wah! and her music, books, and lectures. After 20 years touring and performing throughout the world, she wants to get at the root of helping people relax and destress.

First, the music. If you’ve been in a yoga class in the last five years, you have no doubt heard her music. The first female to bring kirtan music [call-and-response chanting performed in India’s devotional traditions] to the West in the 1990’s, Wah! has been playing bass guitar with her wildly joyful rock band at yoga festivals and centers around the U.S. since 1997. She has also consistently offered music and albums to the therapeutic market; her Savasana CDs have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.

A few years ago Wah! took time to sit with people – just sitting, and singing, toning, and leading simple meditative exercises. This, combined with many years leading yoga and creating relaxation music led to healing workshops, healing retreats and the Healing Concert, a multi-media concert using projections, slow moving laser lights and live music by Wah! to inspire world peace and peace within.

“Our lives are filled with distractions and disruptions that take us away from ourselves; we end up feeling stressed and disconnected.” Wah! feels a new kind of experience is necessary. “I want to improve how we live our lives on this planet and create events which inspire peace and cooperation.”

Her new book, Healing: A Vibrational Exchange introduces audiences to the concepts behind her music, focusing on ways you can create more space and healing in your life. Her lectures have been welcomed at Princeton University, Loyola Marymount University and at EXPOs and conferences around the country. Her workshops help people develop tools for self-healing and communication.

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