Peaceful Cheer: An Open House with Raven’s Wing Yoga & the Rock Garden

Peaceful Cheer!
An Open House with Raven’s Wing & The Rock Garden
Sunday December 8, 9-6pm

Come out and practice, create, learn & enjoy!  Enjoy a yoga class, ayurveda, kirtan, yoga discussions, and drum.  Partake in jewelry making, treat yourself to a vegan massage and enjoy tea and cookies.

Yoga Classes will begin at 9am at Raven’s Wing, come to as many as you wish. All classes 1 hour unless noted.

Admission is FREE. We do ask for a suggested donation of $10 to help support the space and our continued efforts.


9:00am  Sun/Moon Yoga: Encourage Illumination and Alive Stillness  with Sally Noel

With intention we’ll move through a meditative flow igniting sun energy for growth and the reflective moon of self inquiry. Our session together will weave instruction on breath work into a soothing and opening posture sequence. Meditation pauses and a brief teaching about Tantric Hatha Yoga and it’s understanding of Sun(fire) and Moon (rational mind) help bring balance and understanding to light.

All Levels Welcome.

10:15-11:30am Kirtan: A path to Bhakti Yoga with Stephanie D’Aniello

What is chanting?  Why chant?  Join Steph and sing! Discover the power of singing in developing greater presence in love.

11:45am Loving-Kindness: Amplify the Heart Space 
with Lauren Mitchell                                            

The practice of loving-kindness (or loving-awareness) is a time-tested tool that roots from yogic and Buddhist texts. Now, widely supported by modern neuroscience, this practice is designed to promote the experiences of inner balance, happiness, equanimity, joy, and compassion towards the self and others. During this class, experience an on-the-mat yoga practices to help open the heart space and a restorative meditation practice to cultivate feelings of loving-kindness.  All levels welcome.

1:00-2:15pm Winter Wellness:4 Pillars of Seasonal Health with Ayurveda 
with Carollanne Crichton

Yoga has a sister science of health and longevity called Ayurveda.  These 2 sciences: Yoga and Ayurveda offer us a set of simple, yet potent, daily practices called the 4 Pillars of Health.  Just the same way that a table rests upon 4 legs of equal dimensions for it’s stability and balance, and, therefore, it’s functionality, so too, does our health rest upon care of our 4 natural Pillars.  Rest, Exercise, Diet, and Pleasure.   Ayurveda teaches us how, based upon the changing rhythms of the seasons in nature as well as knowledge of our body type, to modify and select wisely in these areas. This introductory class will be very informative and practical and will provide participants with a map to navigate through the cold, damp, raw Kapha season here in New England. 

2:30pm Restorative Yoga for Peace of Mind … and Body
with Janice Hooten-Racine

This highly nourishing class will consist of 5 completely supported restorative poses that will allow your body to achieve to a relaxed state, with no effort.  Class size is limited due to the nature of this supportive style, first come first serve.  All Welcome.

3:45pm Yin Yang Yoga: Exploring Union
with Natasha Warner

One definition of yoga is to yoke or union, shining light on opposing energies to bring them to consciousness.  Yin has the energy of receiving, passive witness of energy moving. Yang is the active sense, invoking strength, stamina with willful intent.  Through practice we will weave the two together: ample space and relaxation with dynamic balance and energy to help reveal what it is we feel, when we feel and how our inner dialogue influences  our ability to feel.   All level welcome.

5pm Drum Circle for the People!  with Melinda Alcosser

Connect with your natural rhythm.   Improvise and create music together in community.  Bring drums and your favorite percussion or choose from among the instruments provided and experience joy in letting go into the beat.  No drumming experience necessary!

The Rock Garden will open at 11am.  In addition to browsing their beautiful store of healing gemstones, gifts, chimes, gongs and so much more, make your own healing gemstone bracelet.  Folks will have a choice of 6 different stones and  assorted spacers to choose from their staff of trained professionals will assist in finishing off the bracelets.

Tabitha Logan will be on sight offering Vegan Therapeutic Chair Massage.