Powerful Puja for Obstacle Removal and Abundance

Powerful Puja for Obstacle Removal and Abundance

Sunday August 4, 4:30-7:30pm

with Gauri

Cost: $40
This is a powerful mantra chanting event where the mantras will go deep into your subtle body and create positive change for you in your life. People report feeling very relaxed and uplifted from this experience, and is beneficial for those experienced and new to mantra meditation.
You will be able to lay down and relax.  Bring your loved ones and friends!
The benefits from the ceremony can last several months  after this sacred 16-step ceremony is performed.  Puja ceremonies are like jack hammers whereas mantras are like a pick ax. They work beyond the physical body on an energetic level helping to create healing and clarity.

Some Benefits:

1. Clearer choices

2. Speeding up of negative karma

3. Inner and external Guru manifestation

4. Emotional purification followed by regulation of emotions

5. Changes. The openness of the heart center depends on the kundalini activity of the lower chakra

What can you expect?
We will sit in a group. You can also lay down, or get up and walk around as needed. You will go into a great meditative state and allow the mantras to work deeply on you. Children may attend, as well as partners. This is a very relaxed atmosphere.

Cost: $40

You can also participate in absentia if you are unable to attend, or not local. If you are not able to make it live and in person at the event, then this ceremony is in absenthia, so you would HAVE THE ENERGY GO TO YOU WITHOUT COMING PHYSICALLY IN PERSON: Either way is helpful and beneficial.  Please reach out to Gauri to register absentia at Mantra.meditation1008@gmail.com

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