Pranakriya Yog-A-Thon

Pranakriya Yogathon

Saturday April 28, 2-6pm

Come enjoy a class, 2, 3 or 4!  The four classes are designed to be a stand alone experience, or part of a larger experience.  All proceeds benefit the Pranakriya School for Yoga Healing Arts which was founded by Yoganand Michael Carroll.  They are a non-profit that continue to work to make the deeper teachings of yoga available and accesable, and the lineage that many of the Raven’ s Wing’s teachers are part of.


Gentle Serenity Yoga with Rudy Babouder
An opening gentle yogascape to connect with your body, open up and let go.


Pranayama: Breath & Movement for Life  with Sally Noel
Deepen the breath, learn and practice yogic breathing techniques that can enhance our body’s vital life force, and deeply focus the mind. An exploration of breath and breathwork in postures.


Meditative Flow  with Marcela Forero
Engage your core self and revitalize your strongest essence. Through a powerful flow of dynamic yoga sequences, learn to be with your fierce edge for confidence and surrender.


Clearing the Way to Calm and Sacred Chant  with Steph D’Aniello
A peaceful sequence of both held and fluid postures, allowing ourselves to “drop-in” and inward focus. We’ll incorporate some time to acknowledge our truest intentions through postures and seal our practice with sacred chant.

Register for any class(es)!

1 class: $20

2class: $35

3 class: $45

4 class $50

The Teachers:

Rudy was opened to yoga as a child, and since has nurtured an increasingly disciplined practice.
She achieved certification from the International Sivananda School in Brazil, advanced her studies under the guidance of Sri Dharma Mittra and a 500-hour Pranakriya professional certification, training with Yoganand Michael Carroll. She is influenced by a multitude of energy and movement arts including Qi Gung, Alexander Technique and various dance and meditation forms.  Practicing is an empowered choice to face everything, even discomfort and fear, in order to reach a place of expansion, openness and joy. It takes courage to get on the mat, to look honestly at ones self, to be vulnerable, to admit what we really want, or even sometimes to just wake up and function. On and off the mat, we learn to choose our higher self.

Sally began her yoga journey in college, and later discovered what  the power of Yoga could be through a year long work study program at Kripalu Center where she met her teacher Yoganand Michael Carroll.  Her certifications in Yoga include Pranakriya Yoga, Svaroopa Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, and Kundalini Yoga.  She is the founder of Raven’s Wing Yoga which is now in it’s 13th year.  Sally’s classes help guide the student into thier own unique experience, held in the sacred space of acceptance, positivity & compassion.

Steph has been a certified yoga instructor since 2008, and completed her 500 hr. YTT in Pranakriya Yoga.
Steph has an extensive background in modern dance. After nearly 20 years of performance and study, an injury pushed her in another direction. Living with chronic pain, and forgoing surgeries, she finds relief and peace through her yoga practice.  Using her own healing journey and a steady mix of compassion, humor and practical wisdom, Steph guides students through their own successes and challenges straight into the heart of their yoga practice. Steph believes that through yogic breath and movement one can find the tools necessary to heal and become awakened both physically and spiritually.