Reiki and Sound Healing

Reiki and Sound Healing

Friday August 19, 6-7:15pm

with Savannah and Raleigh

Savannah and Raleigh invite you to join them for an evening of transformative healing and restoration. Take this 75 minutes to immerse yourself in true relaxation. To find calm amongst the demands of daily life and allow yourself to experience a deeper connection to your mind, body, and spirit’s healing ability. Through the combined powerful practices of Reiki Healing and Sound Healing.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a gentle yet profound ancient practice that originated in Japan. It harnesses pure love and spiritual life energy to bring balance, harmony, and nourishment to soothe you from the inside out. It is a peaceful meditative technique channeled through gentle touch or hands-off method; placed intuitively over your body to guide your healing energy to where it is most needed. Savannah will offer short sessions to all participants.

What is Sound Healing?
Sound healing will enhance and intensify the Reiki to re-balance your body’s frequencies. Raleigh will create sounds and vibrations from Crystal Singing bowls. The harmonious sounds resonate with each central point (chakra) in your body.
Sound has the potential to help you recognise and release things that you are holding onto, reconnect to your true selves and become one with the universe.

$20/$25 day of.

Raleigh Padgett:  “I am US Army Vet, retired electrical worker and a member of the Northern Cherokee Nation.  I am Two Bears Standing Tall.  I am a drum circle facilitator, a Native American hand drum maker, a Native American flute maker, a Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Bowl Master and a Himalayan Sacred Bowl Master. A student of Reiki Master Laura Dunfield and student of Marie Menut Sacred Himalayan Bowl Master.  I use crystal singing bowl sounding and and Himalayan sacred sound bowls to improve meditative state.  Always wanting to help you reset and have a different if not better day.  I have been called a Shaman by Shamans, and a Healer by Healers.  I found something that haas turned my life around and its my duty to share it with others.  I’m holding space for you.”  -Makakuye Oyasin

Savannah Prezioso:  Savannah is ever the student of life. She has long been drawn to energy work in various forms and received her Reiki I & II Certifications from Jiiva Yoga in 2016 in the Usui tradition. In addition she is an accredited yoga instructor with 500hrs of training. She has devoted her life to awakening. Her mission is to help others connect to the ever present conscious awareness so they may know the inherent freedom that they truly are.