Rest & Flow: Exploring the 5 Layers of Being

Rest and Flow: Exploration Through The 5 Layers of Being

with Christine Grabo

September 21, 4:30-6:30pm

Ancient Yogic texts present the five koshas as an outline of a whole being, layers leading to insight of our true self.  Navigating through these layers, exploring how you are internally connected can reveal a better understanding of who you are.  In this class we will be slowing down to internalize each physical body, energy body, mental body, wisdom body and bliss body. Growing awareness of all the beauty held within through slow intentional postures. Creating new layers of space with restful poses and deep attention to breath. Find balance between the desire to move and need to rest.
$25 pre-reg. $30 day of.

Christine started her practice at RWY, attending weekly classes, immersing herself in the community of yoga. Seeking a deeper experience she began volunteering as a work/study in the Karma Yoga Program at Raven’s Wing, helping her bring her practice off the mat and integrating yoga theory into daily life.

In 2014, Christine received her 200 hr Teacher Training Certification from Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts.  She has also immersed herself in the rigor of a 500 hr Advanced Teacher Training with Pranakriya.

Christine guides students to find inner strength using their breath, easing the mind through gentle or energetic postures.  Growing awareness from the inside out, bringing your practice everywhere you go.  Keeping in mind this conscious power we have inside to keep us in the present moment.

(art by Laura Iverson)

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