The Fascia and Biomechanics of Movement with Sensei Derek & YIN session with Liza

The Fascia and Biomechanics of Movement

with Sensei Derek followed by YIN Yoga session with Liza Dousson

May 5, 10-1pm

location: Love Tribe Center 1008 Main St. Branford, CT

This body we are in is amazing and complex.
Those of us who love to move know – on some level – that there are layers to what’s going on under the surface that seem to never end. It is TRUE!
Join biomechanist and fascia nerd ‘Sensei’ Derek as he takes you on a tour of this awesome material, exploring the construction, function and the movement applications it holds. Learn more about the theory & language of fascia — the makeup of movement systems held within: the muscle, deep fascia & even the bones and skin.
Explore how stress and force alter these very systems, and how that influences our movement potential in our Yin Yoga (and all Yoga practices), bodywork, personal training & mindfulness as we become better acquainted with the “new anatomy.”
Following ‘Sensei’ Derek’s tour then join Liza Dousson, YYTT
facilitator, for a guided YIN Yoga practice incorporating some of these markers of wisdom and embodiment.
Cost: $60