The Other Person is You

The Other Person is You: A Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Jennifer Greenwald

Saturday May 5, 2-4pm


The great master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, taught five sutras for the Aquarian Age. These sutras give us wisdom to live by as we learn to navigate the higher consciousness ascending on our planet.
In this workshop, we will explore teachings and concepts of the First Sutra, “THE OTHER PERSON IS YOU.” When we are willing to see the depths of Self, our light and shadow sides, and how we relate to another, we begin to ignite healing on the next level. We see all our relationships as tools for growth. We can release toxic attachments and dramas that shadow our true radiance. We can let go the illusion of separation and return to the truth and comfort of Oneness.

This workshop will help you:
Relate to yourself on a more soulful level
See all your interactions as lessons for growth
Heal wounding caused in relationships
Release false perceptions of separateness
Open your heart center for forgiveness and more loving interactions
Connect with your soul truth and purpose in this life
Ignite feelings of peace … and more!

Workshop Includes:
Kundalini Yoga
Venus Kriyas (partner yoga)
Mantras & Meditations
Workshop is 75% physical and 25% meditative. All levels welcome!