Therapeutic Yoga Nidra: Healing From Within

Therapeutic Yoga Nidra: Healing From Within

with Courtney Squire

Sunday May 5, 4-5:30pm


$12 sliding scale

This class offers a unique approach designed to mobilize blocked energies in the body and promote overall vitality.  Using a combination of breathing exercises, gentle movement, and prop-supported poses,  students will learn how to rest with and release tension in a gentle manner so that energy can flow more freely along the meridians (energy pathways).   We will seal in this deep opening with Yoga Nidra- a deeply restorative ancient meditation practice- where all you have to do is lie down, get comfortable, and follow the instructor’s guidance.  Yoga Nidra uses a series of techniques to consciously enter into  a sleep-like state where restoration of our body systems and rejuvenation of our own internal healing powers can take place effortlessly.

In this class, we will use breath, attention and imagery to engage the mind and bring specific body parts into complete relaxation, activating marma points (potent energy centers) and releasing blockages so that energy may flow more freely along the meridians and accelerate healing from within.

This is an all-levels class, no previous yoga or meditation experience needed.

Courtney Squire is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Plant-Based Chef, Yoga Therapist, and Yoga Nidra Facilitator who received her yoga training through the Amrit Yoga Institute. She is passionate about sharing the health-promoting and emotionally-rejuvenating aspects of Yoga and Yoga Nidra with others. Courtney also owns and operates a small organic farm in northeast CT with her husband, Adam. Visit to learn more