Yin Yoga 101 – 2 Part Series

Yin Yoga 101 – 2 Part Series

with Liza Dousson

Saturday December 18, 2-4pm:  The Practice

Saturday January 8, 2-4pm: Philosophy

Who are these workshops for?

  • Folks who have tried some Yin Yoga…and want to explore further.
  • Folks who want more variety in their current Yoga practice.
  • Folks who don’t have a clue what Yin Yoga is…but are curious.
  • Folks who feel stiff.
  • Folks who notice a jangled nervous system.
  • Folks wanting greater “fluidity” in body & mind.
  • Folks looking to improve their athletic practices with deeper resiliency.
  • Folks wanting to sharpen awareness, while decreasing re-activity.
  • Folks who just want to “slow down.”

If any of the above describes you when you think about YinYoga – join us to explore this unique approach to Yoga. In the first of these two workshops Yin Yoga: The Practice you’ll meet Yin Yoga physically & energetically by embodying its four tenets — Edge, Awareness, Stillness & Time – to understand the potential benefits each tenet provides. You’ll hold Yin Yoga’s poses for between 3 to 5 minutes…with or without props…with or without assists by Liza (assists only with your permission!) and learn more about why this ancient form of Yoga’s approach is slow, methodical & even meditative!

In the second offering Yin Yoga: The Philosophy meet in brief Yin Yoga’s two underlying 2500+ year old philosophies: The Tao & Hatha Yoga. We’ll focus on three of Yin Yoga’s guiding theories from the Tao: Five Element Theory…Yin/Yang Theory..& Meridian Theory. As you you revisit shapes learned in the first workshop and explore new ones the theoretical details will become more familiar as you hang out in the poses from Hatha Yoga designed for physical wellness and healing.

Both workshops will be interactive & informative to strengthen your understandings of Yin Yoga. Yet within both workshops we’ll hold space for quietude to decelerate and unwind from the nutsy-ness of our modern way of life….made only more confusing by navigating the pandemic. And we’ll be sure to BREATHE. Often!

Workshops are offered both IN STUDIO + VIRTUALLY, please choose accordingly.

Early Bird pricing by 12/11: $50 for both, $35 each workshop.

Regular pricing after 12/11: $60 for both, $45 each.

*please review our in studio COVID-19 safety protocols prior to registering, thank you.