Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Liza Dousson, eRYT & YACEP
and guests lecturers Sean Going & Derek Cook

April 5-7 and May 3-5

Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 12-7pm, Sunday 10-5pm
30-Hour Yoga Alliance CEU

The pendulum of Yoga’s diverse offerings in the West now regularly includes the slower, introspective breeds of yoga & mindfulness practices. Yet we modern beings are so often drawn down the YANG path of action in these 24/7 times we live in whether willingly or because that’s “how it is” — often doing and accomplishing more and more – yet overlooking key moments to slow down, drop in, and refill our own wells.YIN Yoga serves as a powerful antidote to address the demands and pace of The 21st Century Digital Age.  Over our two weekends together we’ll gather for this YIN Yoga Teacher Training to explore The Art of Deceleration.In the first weekend we’ll review YIN’s foundational elements and benefits by practicing the key traditional asanas, modifications & breathing techniques. During the second weekend we will cover a spectrum of pertinent topics to strengthen the understanding & articulation of each subjects’ relevance in language, mood and delivery, with a relevant practice session during the second weekend’s curriculum topics.

Curriculum overview:

Yin Yoga’s Taoist & Indian Roots – Historical Origin & Lineage

“New Anatomy” Roots — Fascial anatomy, its relationship to YIN Yoga, and to overall well-being

Human Biology – Bones, the nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system & sympathetic nervous system) & the endocrine system (glands & hormones)

Taoist/Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), including an overview to Yin/Yang theory and Five-Element theory pertinent to meridian studies

Mindfulness/Metta roots – Meditation traditions and their relationship to YIN Yoga

This training is for Yoga Teachers who currently have a minimum of 200+ yoga training hours or are in a 200-hour certification program now. To receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the YYTT it is understood you’ll attend all 30 hours, so please make every effort to arrange your schedule accordingly. If less than 30 hours are completed your certificate will reflect the specific hours you did attend noted as continuing education hours (CEU) vs. a Certificate of Completion.

Cost: $575 early bird pricing until March 21, 2018, $650 thereafter.

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