Yoga & Meditation 4 Week Series

Yoga & Meditation

Mondays 7:15-8:15p

June 7 – 28

with Sally Noel

This basic yet powerful class brings all the elements of a mindful practice together in relaxed way.  Guided breathing practices to help calm and stay in our body are taught through out. Movements and postures to help release tensions to feel more able and free in our skin are led slowly with time to arrive and be.
You’ll learn the process of practicing without pushing beyond our limits, while learning to listen to our body’s needs.

Give yourself time to be, in a healthy and enjoyable way, you got this.

4 week series sliding scale >>
$25 supportive
$35 sustaining
$45 generosity
Class is offered VIRTUAL in our zoom room ( you will receive the code 1 hour before class begins) and IN STUDIO (limited spaces).  Please choose accordingly.