Yoga Soul Flow for Teens

Yoga Soul Flow for TeensĀ 

6 week course: Mondays 7:30-8:30pm

November 12 – December 17

Join us for a six week journey into yoga, meditation, creative process and relaxation designed especially for the teenage group.
The sessions will explore various yoga sequences for stress release, flexibility of mind and body and resiliency. We’ll also engage in creative group action to help build empathy, inner wisdom and connection.
The student will walk away with a new skill set to help stay grounded during times of challenge, with seeds of self-acceptance and peace planted!6 weeks: $60, pre-registration needed before Nov. 12

Girls and Boys welcome!

Class taught by Sally Noel:
Sally is the founding teacher and director of Raven’s Wing now in it’s 14th year. She has taught Teens in various venues from group homes, athletic teams and in school. Her wish is to pass on these practical teachings of yoga to help grow emotional resilancey and well-being while keeping the body/mind strong and awake.

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