sally noel


Raven’s Wing Yoga was birthed in June of 2004 as a place of wholistic intention and dedication to Yoga or Union. Steeped in the lessons my Native Grandmother taught me, Wisdom is to be shared and is intended to evolve and grow with time.

Raven’s Wing is an integration of gathering place, deep yoga practice, seasonal & environmental awareness, health, and a safe space to be who you are with allowence to grow. Forever a yoga student, I began my studies in 1992 and began teaching in 1998. My deep learning of Yoga came from living and studying at Kripalu, practicing biodynamic farming in New Mexico & California, livng & studying at the Heartwood Institute for Massage & Healing & finally studying and recieving certification from the Rocky Mountain Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda where she studied both Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda. Sally continutes to study with her teacher Yoganand Michael Caroll, along with the many other teachers that continue to fill her path. My practice stems from cultivating quiet within and allowing opening to emmerge from that quiet…

Creating space to flow with one’s unique body wisdom and needs. My teachings include both gentle opening yoga to a more invigorating Prana Kriya , as both serve to create energy, awakening and healing within body, mind and breath. My classes have been described as deceptively powerful while serenly healing & calming.

Jai Bhagwan!

SAL “NunZ” Annunziato

Sal is a 2007 Graduate of the YogaSpirit Studios Iyengar Hatha based 200 Hour Certification program. Being a principal in a Software Company, Singer/songwriter, Musician, Father of 4 amazing children, Sal believes that anything is possible when one is working towards finding ones true self.

He began his Yoga practice 9 years ago which has now led him to teaching.

Being in the present moment is everything and Yoga helps one to keep mindful of this . Sal has studied with Kim Valeri, Rolf Gates, Paul Spector and Sally Noel and feels blessed to share the gift of yoga.

His blend of Hatha, Svaroopa, and Vinyasa as well as an eclectic scope of music moves one to open up in ways that are new and enlightening. Be prepared to open your heart, strengthen your body, mind and light up your Soul . . . Be Yoga!

stephanie d'aniello


Steph has been a certified yoga instructor since 2008. She is currently pursuing her 500 hr. YTT in Pranakriya Yoga, a yoga style based on the teachings of Swami Kripalu.

Steph has an extensive background in modern dance. After nearly 20 years of performance and study, an injury pushed her in another direction. Living with chronic pain, and forgoing surgeries, she finds relief and peace through her yoga practice.

Using her own healing journey and a steady mix of compassion, humor and practical wisdom, Steph guides students through their own successes and challenges straight into the heart of their yoga practice. Steph believes that through yogic breath and movement one can find the tools necessary to heal and become awakened both physically and spiritually.


Rudy was opened to yoga as a child, and since has nurtured an increasingly disciplined practice.

She achieved certification from the International Sivananda School in Brazil, advanced her studies under the guidance of Sri Dharma Mittra and currently pursues a 500-hour Pranakriya professional certification, training with Yoganand Michael Carroll. She is influenced by a multitude of energy and movement arts including Qi Gung, Alexander Technique and various dance and meditation forms.

Practicing is an empowered choice to face everything, even discomfort and fear, in order to reach a place of expansion, openness and joy. It takes courage to get on the mat, to look honestly at ones self, to be vulnerable, to admit what we really want, or even sometimes to just wake up and function. On and off the mat, we learn to choose our higher self.

My classes emphasize tuning in, exploring our edge, learning the difference between the body’s boundaries and the mind’s perceived limitations. We focus on opening, on breathing, on cultivating awareness of each moment. Whether a flow practice or meditative posture, the first most important ingredient is the attention we bring to our actions.

carolanne crichton


Carollanne received her first Yoga Teacher Certification from Kripalu Yoga Center in 1978. Since then, she has received numerous Yoga Teacher Trainings from: Richard Freeman, Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi, Sarah Powers, Cheri Clampett, Paul Grilley and Arturo Peal. Carollanne is also a licensed massage therapist in private practice full-time since 1989.

She is a longtime student of Ayurveda, the holistic healthcare system from India, studying Jyotish with Jeffrey Armstrong (Vedic Arts and Science Academy); Ayurveda with David Frawley (American Institute of Vedic Studies), Ancient Ayurveda with Gandharva Sauls (Ayurveda Yoga Institute) and Sanskrit with Vyaas Houston (American Sanskrit Institute). She has also received Ayurvedic Marma Therapy training from Dr. Martina Ziska, D. Ay and 3 levels of Cranio-Sacral Therapy certification through Upledger Institute.

Carollanne was interim manager of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in Santa Barbara CA , and a contributing editor to Joseph LePage on the “Integrative Yoga Therapy” Training Manual. The featured presenter in 3 training videos/DVD’s, and author of “Earth Medicine and Healing Stones”, she is respected as both a bodywork and yoga therapy instructor at the national and international level. Massage Magazine called Carollanne “…one of the nation’s top body therapists.”

carolanne crichton


Working as a Civil Engineer and being a mother, Yoga has brought balance into Heather’s life with a renewed commitment to embracing a sweet and extraordinary existence.

Creating a supportive yoga class through the use of props, Heather encourages each practitioner to find contentment. Heather feels blessed to share this healing tradition with you.

Since yoga has welcomed Heather with open arms to transform her life experience from depression and busyness to one of contentment and tranquility, she has completed a 500 hour teacher training program with Kim Valerie of Yogaspirit Studios.

“Creation of anything in the physical universe is determined by what kind of attention you place on it.” Transformation will come to the practitioner as they empower themselves to alter their vision of the world.

Heather teaches Tuesday Morning Yoga 6-7:20am. $12 drop in.

stephanie d'aniello


Certified in the Kripalu tradition, Chris blends her passion for yoga with a constant curiosity

about the mind-body connection and where it can take us, both on and off the mat.

With an emphasis on breath work, and both the active and passive holding of postures,

Chris encourages a practice that is mindful, focused and compassionate.

“Every time we show up on the mat we have the opportunity to discover something new:

about our body, our attitude, our inner selves, and our connection to the Divine”.

Above all, students are invited to practice yoga for the joy of it, and not to take themselves too seriously!


Janice has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Her practice of yoga started with Vinyasa classes for several years, she loved the physical aspect but felt there was something missing. This brought her to Raven’s Wing and Sally were she was drawn towards the slower meditative based classes.

After participating in Sally’s first chakra series she knew there was more she needed from her daily yoga practice and in August 2009 she received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Kripalu Yoga Center.

As a music teacher she finds music to be inspirational, calming, meditative, and exciting.

Janice brings this love of music into her class creating unique classes blending music with her slow, generous, opening style.



The day she nearly missed a plane to Europe for a business meeting because of a particularly stellar NYC Yoga class, she knew it was time to surrender her world. She became a corporate drop-out in 2000 and began teaching Yoga classes shortly thereafter. But she also continued to “travel” the halls of Yoga philosophy, practice & training methods from Iyengar to Hatha, PowerYoga to Vinyasa, Bikram to Vipassana to name a few — wrapping in the study of Thai Yoga Therapy — during a 7-year in-depth cultural immersion from 2001-2007 in India and Thailand.

By learning & practicing many Yoga techniques over the years, Liza deeply respects each each person’s unique journey & potential for discovery along the path. She aspires to offer, In her teaching & in Thai Yoga Therapy sessions, gifts she has found along the way: the power of stillness; trusting introspective discovery to guide healing within ourselves; and a steady diet of authentic living so these experiences support the spiritual evolution and greater freedom — alive, aware & here.


Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Organic Gardener.

Courtney has been practicing and studying yoga for over 2 decades being drawn to the healing and calming aspect the practice offers. She became a prenatal yoga instructor in 2003 and found a passion of helping pregnant women find their confidence & voice through the transformative birthing process. She is the Mother of two beautiful children who are both her amazing teachers. She was able to birth both of them naturally with the help of her prenatal yoga practice and her wonderful hubsand as a birthing partner. She began practicing yoga almost twenty years ago and has found it to be a wonderful tool for reducing anxiety and tension in mind and body. She believes this is particularly helpful in the journey through pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum time. Courtney studied Herbal Medicine at Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder, Co. where she received her Certification as a Clinical Herbalist. She continues to study plant medicine at home and has a private practice. She is the owner of Talking Stick Gardens, an organic landscaping company. Courtney believes strongly in our connection to the Earth and our ability to find our own healing and empowerment through our rediscovery of this inherent connection. She brings this earth centered essence to her classes.

Dana Cervone

Dana stepped onto her first yoga mat in 2007 and has never left. A lifelong athlete and avid student of all things related to health and wellness , she believes that yoga is a vehicle to assist with putting all the pieces together.

Dana’s first love in yoga will always be the Vinyasa style of yoga , where she finds fun , flow , strength and flexibility. She deeply appreciates the philosophy of moving with the breath , challenging the body , surrendering the mind and reaching the soul . She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and a 200 hour RYT. Dana continues to expand her practice and has studied with many local and national leaders including Rolph Gates , Yoganand Michael Carroll , Sally Murphy-Noel , Paul Spector , Suzanne Manafort and Peg Oliveira.

Dana is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and has a Private Practice in Hamden , as well as working at the Veterans Hospital in West Haven . She completed Mindful Yoga Therapy Training with the Veterans Yoga Project and is currently involved in working with Veterans who suffer from trauma and chronic pain.

Make the connection…

Aixa L Belville, RYT

“The best gift we could ever offer ourselves is our presence” Yoga inspired Aixa to embark on a path of self knowledge, inner strength and spiritual growth. Aixa’s mission is to share the practice of Ashtanga Yoga as a means to help people cultivate freedom in their body and mind as well as develop strength and resiliency, both on and off the mat. She believes the Yoga practice as a journey of self discovery can help people connect with their physical and energetic body and how it relates to the world. Aixa has trained in Forrest Yoga, Resistance Strength and flexibility training, Core Strength Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga and Thai Yoga Bodywork. Aixa is ever so grateful for all the teachers that continue to inspire her in this journey, especially her students. Classes are challenging, fun and light hearted, rooted on breath, core-strength and proper alignment. Great for healing/preventing injuries and finding your flow. Get ready to have fun, sweat and release

stephanie d'aniello

Verred Hamenachem

Verred enjoyed yoga as a practitioner throughout college, but it wasn’t until graduating that she realized yoga was the education she was seeking. Her practice progressed when she moved back to Connecticut and studied side by side with her mother, solidifying her love for the art of yoga. Influenced by several traditions, Verred’s classes are unique; blending long holds with creative flows, working on linking the breath with our movements, while remaining mindful throughout our practice and tapping into the subtle energies within us and around us. Her classes emphasize the importance of creating space within the body so that we can create space in our minds and between our thoughts. She believes that a large part of yoga is sending compassion and gratitude to ourselves, getting kinder in the way we speak to ourselves; on and off of our mats, so that we are always acting from a place of love, compassion and trust. Verred is currently studying with Elena Brower as a part of the Art of Attention Teacher Training and looks forward to sharing with you as her practice continues to unfold and shift as she advances on her path of self study, discipline and self healing.

Betsy Pascarella

I am a 2013 Graduate of Pranikriya Yoga 200 Hour Certification program. Working in corporate America for many years and being a wife and mother Yoga has helped me balance a busy life.  I have never had it so good since I found my mat.  I started my practice over 10 years ago at a local gym.  Learning to go inside and quiet my mind has been priceless!  I am a better person as a direct result of my practice. I have studied with Yoganand (Michael Carroll), Rolf Gates, Rodney Yee, Ava Tyler and Sally Noel.

My classes are Hatha based with long holds and lots of breath.  On any given day you may find me teaching a gentle stretch class, a meditative posture flow or a vinyasa.  Whatever class you come to I encourage you go inside as your body will intuitively tell you what it needs. Be gentle with yourself and all sorts of magic will start to happen.



While on a visit to Kripalu in 2009, Cindy wished that she could continue to delve deep within her Yoga Practice close to home, and that’s what brought her to Raven’s Wing 5 years ago.
Since that time she has been a devoted student of yoga. In 2013, she received her 200 hour Teacher Training Certification from the Pranakryia School of Yoga Healing Arts, studying under Yoganand Michael Carroll. 

Through breath, movement and awareness, Cindy hopes to guide her students into a harmonious union of tranquility and acceptance.


Shaune came back to yoga after many years looking to quiet her mind while working full time and completing graduate school.  Always wanting to be a teacher she finally had time to complete a training and received her 200 YTT in Pranakyria Yoga with Yogan and Micheal Carroll.

Shaune has made a career out of promoting self awareness and healthy coping skills for children. She believes in creating an environment that children’s creativity, health and mind prosper. Shaune received her kids yoga teaching certification from Little Sprouts and has a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology from University of New Haven.

Also trained with 108 Monkeys Street Yoga Training Program a non profit organization in New Haven working to spread yoga into the community. Shaune’s hope is for her students to find their light within and shine that light into kindness and compassion spreading it forward.


Allison Beale

Ali is a graduate of Sacred Rivers 200 Yoga Teacher Training and is actively enrolled int he 500 hour Training with complimentary yoga therapy training. Her Hatha style based teaching delivers a gentle meditative flow with an emphasisi on proper alignment weaving in breathwork. She strives to cultivate a safe environment for each student to discover their own expression of yoga. She also works privately with individulas using yoga as therapy addressing physical and emotional trauma with the use of postures, guided meditations and philosophy from the yogic tradition.

Ali also established Empowered Pathways Wellness where she provides an integrative approach to healing. Blending her knowledge in the areas of shamanism, holistic nutrition, addiction recovery and more recently Ayurvedic self care into a private practice. She specializes in weight loss, blood sugar regulation and breaking though addiction. Her mission is to provide people with the tools and resources necessary to cultivate a happier healthier life.


Upon taking a beginners series 10 years ago, Rachel never realized how important yoga would become to her life. What was once thought to be just a physical practice has come to be appreciated on an emotional, spiritual and mental level. A student of Pranakriya yoga, based on the teachings of Swami Kripalu, she completed her 200 hour YTT in 2013 and is currently pursuing her 500 hour certification. Rachel’s class incorporates the use of breath to churn, release, and enliven the energies of the subtle body. She creates a class environment that fosters personal exploration and self-acceptance. Rachel also teaches at the Yale Stress Center where she is a licensed therapist.