Sally Noel (she/her)

Raven’s Wing Yoga was birthed June of 2004 as a place of wholistic intention and dedication to Yoga or Union. I continue to steep in the lessons my Native Granny, Carol Reid (Nooksack) imparted to me, wisdom is to be shared and is intended to help us grow and evolve.

Sally began practicing yoga in the early 90’s, which led to a work study program at Kripalu in 1999 where her perception of life and yoga did a 180 for the better.  She has been practicing and studying ever since and is impassioned by how yoga works on individuals from the inside out.  “I’m interested in how our personal practice can translate and create positive needed change in our world.  Shining light on difficult and uncomfortable realities within, and how our practice can open the path to greater acceptance and needed action personally, and collectively.

The inner teachings of yoga have grown Sally’s life into how to relate and move about this world with more compassion and non judging awareness .  Her classes are held in a quiet yet powerful way allowing her students to feel supported to explore their own edge while connecting with the intuitive nature within.  She weaves many styles in her delivery but will intimately  flow from her Kripalu and Pranakriya roots.