Sally Murphy-Noel

Raven’s Wing Yoga was birthed in June of 2004 as a place of wholistic intention and dedication to Yoga or Union. Steeped in the lessons my Native American Grandmother taught me, Wisdom is to be shared and is intended to evolve and grow with time.

Raven’s Wing is an integration of gathering place, deep yoga practice, seasonal & environmental awareness, health, and a safe space to be who you are with allowance to grow. Forever a yoga student, I began my studies in 1992 and began teaching in 1998. My deep learning of Yoga came from living and studying at Kripalu, practicing biodynamic farming in New Mexico & California, living & studying at the Heartwood Institute for Massage & Healing & finally studying and receiving certification from the Rocky Mountain Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda where she studied both Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda. Sally continues to study with her lifelong teacher Yoga and Michael Caroll, along with the many other teachers that continue to fill her path. My practice stems from cultivating quiet within and allowing opening to emerge from that quiet…

Creating space to flow with one’s unique body wisdom and needs. My teachings include both gentle opening yoga to a more invigorating Kundalini & Pranakriya flow , as both serve to create energy, awakening and healing within body, mind and breath. My classes have been described as deceptively powerful while serenly healing & calming.

Jai Bhagwan!