Yin Yang Yoga with Sally

A balanced practice cultivating the sweet and steady to help ground, quiet and enliven.  Opening with Yin energy, long deep release in easeful postures to limber and undo the knots inside.  We slowly emerge into standing strength to help our balance and core awareness.  A meditative ending incorporating breathing and meditation to ease into relaxation.

Gentle Community Yoga with Sally

A basic practice allowing the students to move slowly and consciously through gentle and soothing postures.  Nourishing breath work instruction, key strengthening movements, and ample time to release stress and quiet the mind.  Pay what you can.

Yin Yoga

with Liza
Yin Yoga helps us take our foot off the accelerator helping to calm the nervous system by bringing the body and mind closer connected to be less reactive, “neutral mind”. The practice
uses traction & compression during long holds to Deeply stimulate the body’s ability to hydrate, and replenish our deeper tissues.

Yoga Basics

A slower class for beginning students or those seeking a more detailed practice. Emphasis on easing tension, increasing flexibility, and beginning to wake up inner strength & balance with breath and movement. Students learn the foundations of this transformative and healing practice.

The Basics class prepares you to venture into other ongoing classes on the schedule with more confidence and grace.

This is a series class, no class cards please.

Fall Series: 9/23- Nov. 25, no class 10/14

Relax and Restore Holiday Series: December 2 – 23.  What is the most important part of practice? Doing it. As the sun set earlier it becomes increasingly more challenging to go practice, but we always are grateful when it’s done. This 4 week series will move through a series of gentle postures to open key areas of the hips, spine and shoulders.

Conscious breathing, guided relaxation and beginning meditations are also included.

Series is appropriate for all levels including beginners.  $56/4 weeks.

Basics Series taught by Sally Noel

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