Kundalini Morning Flow with Lana

This heart opening class is a kundalini yoga and traditional hatha infused morning practice, offering just the right balance between energy & relaxation. Beginning gently with spinal warmups and energizing breath work to unleash and unlock barriers within ourselves.
A moderate paced flow includes strengh, flexibility and balance postures to help you release the tensions in the body, leading to the comfort and release of deep relaxation or savasana.

Yin Yang Yoga with Sally

Restoring balance through this practice of both receptive yin energy and the more focused willful yang.  The patience building yin postures truly helps tap into our body’s listening and intuitive sense, helping to ground, gently open the body and deepen the breath.  These poses gradually unfold into a more strengthening practice where focus and determination, now infused with more patience, can activate the body in ways to hone greater balance and stamina.  Conscious breath-work and meditative pauses makes this a complete experience.  This class is suitable for all levels.

Gentle Community Yoga with Sally

A basic practice allowing the students to move slowly and consciously through gentle and soothing postures.  Nourishing breath work instruction, key strengthening movements, and ample time to release stress and quiet the mind.  Pay what you can.

Yin Yoga

with Liza
Yin Yoga helps us take our foot off the accelerator helping to calm the nervous system by bringing the body and mind closer connected to be less reactive, “neutral mind”. The practice
uses traction & compression during long holds to Deeply stimulate the body’s ability to hydrate, and replenish our deeper tissues.

Yoga Basics

A slower class for beginning students or those seeking a more detailed practice. Emphasis on easing tension, increasing flexibility, and beginning to wake up inner strength & balance with breath and movement. Students learn the foundations of this transformative and healing practice.

The Basics class prepares you to venture into other ongoing classes on the schedule with more confidence and grace.

This is a series class, no class cards please.


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