Gentle Yoga with Verred


A basic yoga class meant to connect awareness of your breathing, body & presense. This is the beginning, learning to embody and move wisely while improving flexibility, key strength & calm. Great for beginners, those healing injury, or those of us that simply like the luxurious pace and relaxation Gentle Yoga provides!

Kundalini Yoga with Bean

Kundalini empowers us to shine, prosper, and excel in all things. It’s the common denominator for all forms of self-healing, inspiration, and transformation. Kundalini Yoga at Raven’s Wing is for All Levels.

Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini is a powerful medium that helps give you the experience of your creative spirit. Through the precise technology of breath-work, movement, poses, meditation, and mantras, the Kundalini energy within is released and profound transformations are made possible.
You need not be bendy and twisty to feel the profound effects. It is a yoga for householders; for people who have to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses. It is a path for everyone who wants the skills to cope successfully with the challenges of our times.
This class is infused with music and spiritual teachings to help release ego blocks so you can see your Truth with crystal clear clarity.

Yin Yoga

with Liza
Yin Yoga helps us take our foot off the accelerator helping to calm the nervous system by bringing the body and mind closer connected to be less reactive, “neutral mind”. The practice
uses traction & compression during long holds to Deeply stimulate the body’s ability to hydrate, and replenish our deeper tissues.

Yoga Basics


A slower class for beginning students or those seeking a more detailed practice. Emphasis on easing tension, increasing flexibility, and beginning to wake up inner strength & balance with breath and movement. Students learn the foundations of this transformative and healing practice.

The Basics class prepares you to venture into other ongoing classes on the schedule with more confidence and grace.

This is a series class, no class cards please.  Next series June 4 – 25, registration is open!

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