Meditative Flow Yoga

The beauty and power of slow, meditative yoga can be the deep permission we give ourselves for connecting with our intuitive nature.
Yoga can be an invaluable tool to slow down, soften tensions and release stress.  Instilling a sense of calm while opening the body with greater ease and energy can be a truly sublime morning gift.

Deep Gentle Yoga

A basic and soothing yoga practice incorporating breathing and movement to help limber the body in a mindful way.  Emphasis is stress and tension release while
clearing out areas of stiffness and strengthening your entire self – deeply, gently.
There’s no rush in this class, taking time to deeply breathe into postures and help create a meditative calm, while also inviting key strength and stability.
This is an all levels class appropriate for beginners and practiced yogis alike, dive in!

Yin Yoga

with Liza

Yin Yoga helps us take our foot off the accelerator helping to calm the nervous system by bringing the body and mind closer connected to be less reactive, “neutral mind”. The practice
uses traction & compression during long holds to Deeply stimulate the body’s ability to hydrate, and replenish our deeper tissues.

Re-Wild Your Yin Yoga with Liza

Yin Yoga OUTSIDE! Need a dose of Yin Yoga deceleration in person with your fellow Yin-sters? Then come get your YIN Yoga “on” in the comfort of the spacious outdoors…and while the gorgeous weather of Late Summer is here with us! Liza will offer this through to October as the weather holds.

Yoga Basics

A basic yoga and meditation class for new and beginning students to help you get started on a regular practice.
Get familiar with helpful yoga props, and how they can support your body in various poses.  Each class is accessible to beginner students and beyond offering creative sequences that cover basic breathing techniques, gentle poses for flexibility as well as poses that help increase stability and strength.  Guided relaxation and meditation helps further integrate, focus and calm.
This class is excellent for those new to yoga, wish to re-connect with the practice again or any who like the commitment of every week.