Soul Chill Yoga with Lauren

A decadent yoga session to unwind stress and open the body with healing, nourishing sequencing.
We smooth out the edges of an intense practice by slowing it down, and integrating some deep stretch with long breaths. Deceptively challenging, Soul Chill can move you deeper into your practice with great ease and a smile.

Yin inspired postures are woven along with more invigorating flows creating an easeful & balanced yoga session.  We end with meditation and relaxation. No pressure ever ~ this class is a perfect de-stressor!

Gentle Meditative Yoga with Sally
A class to wind down the day and revitalize energy. Gentle Yin inspired postures and movements help open the body and calm the mind feeling more embodied. Class will build like a slow wave moving towards postures and sequencing to build energy and key strength creating stability and inner power. We’ll practice and learn yoga breathwork (pranayama) to help steady our efforts and deepen our quiet within.

Insight Rest with Sally

August 4, September 15, October 20

An exploration into profound rest, release and self inquiry/journalling.

During these heightened, transformational times it’s of great value for us to center around quiet long enough to hear what’s truly inside. Class will engage the body in soothing movement and postures to help release tension and pressure so we may ground into more space. Easeful breath work to help focus and center the mind around the inner fire of lovingkindness while meditation will help give energy to our witness mind. This practice is meant to help still, calm and release to allow truth to arise without force.

Sessions will end with a closing circle to help integrate and bear witness.

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