Soul Chill Yoga with Steph

A decadent yoga session to unwind stress and open the body with a nourishing and revitalizing flow.
We’ll smooth out the edges of an intense practice by slowing it down, integrating deep releasing stretches with long posture holds proving this class is sure to cleanse & purify. Deceptively challenging, Soul Chill can move you deeper into your practice with great ease and a smile.

Soul Flow + Meditation with Sally                                                                                                                11:15-12:30p  DUE TO SCHEDULING CONFLICTS THIS CLASS IS CANCELLED.

A dynamic class dedicated to deepening the student focus and resiliency. Through guided breath work (pranayama),  posture sequencing to help open and strengthen, we’ll engage our focus compassionately while exploring the sweet and steady of a sound yoga practice. Meditation and relaxation will help integrate.  Come rejuvenate and accentuate your vital energy.

Deep Gentle Yoga with Alison
A basic yoga class meant to connect awareness of your breath deepening, body feeling, and tensions releasing. This is the beginning, learning the basics in breath & posture in a mindful, no rush way. Gentle on the body, joints & mind. A slow and decadant session of deep relaxation!

Meditative Yoga Flow with Steph

Leave your worries at the door and step into a safe place where you can let it all go! Journey with your body as you open your heart and release your stress in this mellow, yet mindfully refreshing practice for all to enjoy. Practice includes breath-work (pranayama), brief meditation, and rejuvenating sequencing focusing on flexibility & strength.

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