Yin Yang Yoga with Sally

A balanced practice cultivating the sweet and steady to help ground, quiet and enliven.  Opening with Yin energy, long deep release in easeful postures to limber and undo the knots inside.  We slowly emerge into standing strength to help our balance and core awareness.  A meditative ending incorporating breathing and meditation to ease into relaxation.

*Yoga for Healing with Sally

12-1pm community by donation class or use your class card

Enjoy a nurturing, gentle yoga experience highlighting ease, soothing breathwork and stress release.  Grounding into our centers with mindful awareness we will tap into a calm state of the present moment.  Through our yoga practice we’ll practice giving space to our thoughts, challenges, aches and pains to better live in gratitude and peace.  All Welcome, including beginners.

Meditative Flow with Rachel


For those ready & willing to build a strong sense of awareness & meditative presense inside thier own selves through Yoga & Pranayama (breathing).
Attention to creating a strong endurance of both inner power & focus with a balanced flow of opening & moderate paced postures. Building upon the basic breathing techniques as well exploring how the breath can bring greater healing energy to the whole body/mind beingness.

Kundalini Yoga with Jen Greenwald


An inspiring classes where you will optimize your energy, open your heart, and let Spirit flow. The ancient yogis and healers have ceded us the treasure trove of Kundalini Yoga so that we could heal ourselves and burn brightly in this world. Experience a comprehensive physical /metaphysical workout! Expand your range of movement physically, mentally, and beyond. Share in a powerful group energy and fill your life with strength, success, and beautiful breakthroughs. 80% physical / 20% Meditative. This class is for ALL LEVELS! Come as you are; be more than you were!

Candlelit Restorative Yoga with Janice

Class is a sequence of supported postures that invite you to soften deep tensions while breathing stress away. A quieting practice that is truly a slow meditation of inner expansion. All levels, beginners welcome.

*Sliding Scale donation is $7-$15

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