Yin Yang Yoga

We’ll utilize the grounding and quieting energy of Yin inspired poses to release tension and open our inner patience and body; while then building upon that vast ground to promote steadiness, strength and balance in more active poses.  We transform by allowing and then promoting our inner selves.  Practice accessible to all levels of practice.

Meditative Flow 

For those ready & willing to build a strong sense of awareness & meditative presense inside thier own selves through Yoga & Pranayama (breathing).
Attention to creating a strong endurance of both inner power & focus with a balanced flow of opening & moderate paced postures. Building upon the basic breathing techniques as well exploring how the breath can bring greater healing energy to the whole body/mind beingness.


Soul Chill OUTDOOR Yoga 

Let’s take a pause, breathe and rest on the Earth.  We’ll cultivate energy from the ground up through our breath, body and mind’s focus.  Class is a balance of deep releasing postures and sequences with mindful challenge to stay engaged and awake.  This practice is for the times, all welcome.
Pre-registration is needed for this class thank you.
Plenty of room to social distance and place mats 6+ feet apart. Please be respectful of others.
Registration needed for this class, sign up on our online schedule.

Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep, is a guided relaxation through which you have the opportunity to experience the restorative qualities of sleep while still awake. When practices effectively, every minute of Yoga Nidra can provide the benefits of 2-5 minutes of sleep.  The practice is typically conducted while lying on out backs in savasana. Yoga Nidra begins with squeezing and releasing all of the muscles, and then a mental scan of the body to relax any remaining tension. Then we watch the breath and thoughts as the follow the body into a quiet and restorative state. After resting consciously and timelessly in deep relaxation, we slowly rise and enjoy the benefits of the practice.