Moderate Yoga with Verred
Ample time to open the body with breath and deep gentle warm ups; combined with a strong presense of challenging our edges to invigorate energy, clarifying our inner alignment and empowering our minds to focus within our inner process. A fun class to explore and recieve the physical, mental & energetic gifts of relaxation!

*Gentle Yoga with Shaune
A centering practice for balance, wellness and peace. A calming practice to release tension, stress and regain a sense of the moment. Infusing simple breathing techniques, movement and meditation, this practice is healing on all levels. A moderate to gentle practice for all levels, great for beginners and those who appreciate and need to slow down and let go!

Prenatal Yoga with Courtney


Come be in the company of other expecting Mom’s while breathing, stretching & connecting with your little one in a sacred way. The yoga practice is suitable for all levels and emphasizes the nurturing of the mother. A balanced blend of soothing, relaxing poses with ones that will help strengthen and open the body – preparing for birth and when baby is here in the world.

This is a series class that is open to drop-ins as well. No class cards.

Free Class March 1!  Next 6 week series: March 15 – April 19.  $75 for series.

Moderate Yoga with Heather

Release and open up to a more centered self. Hatha Yoga is balancing in nature, inviting a calm attentiveness as we work to relieve tension while inviting a stronger posture. Class is moderate in nature for all levels to work at thier own pace. Attention to alignment and wise transition is highlighted. You will leave feeling free in body and expanded in spirit!

Meditative Flow with Shaune

Enjoy this wind down of a yoga class, perfect for getting back to yourself at the end of the day! Focus is on relieving tension and stress from the hips, spine & shoulders and making room inside for deepened breath. Practice is gentle to moderate paced, moving slow enough for all levels to move deeply through. Mellow but rejuvenating, as the class builds like a wave helping to create strength & focus and awareness within. Enhance your posture practice with long, luxurious holds with equal time to release and melt.

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