Deep Gentle Yoga

A centering practice for balance, wellness and peace. A calming practice to release tension, stress and regain a sense of the moment. Infusing simple breathing techniques, movement and meditation, this practice is healing on all levels.

Prana Yoga

Evening Yoga is sublime for re-aligning with our most centered selves.  Heather’s eclectic style incorporates visualization, breath work, meditation, and conscious movement to inspire healing energy on all levels.  You will strengthen, challenge, let go and steep yourself in calm presence.

Life Recovery Yoga

We are trying to reach out to all, letting people know, that yes, we ALL have our own personal struggles, demons, addictions, whatever you want to call them. Our Love Tribe Life Recovery Mindful Yoga and Sharing classes are a place everyone is welcome. We do 45 to 60 minutes of open yoga that all can do, followed by a group discussion, on a particular life topic, or individual shares on where one is at. Sharing is not mandatory, and at times we sit in silence and meditate. Feeling connected in a safe, sacred setting, where what is said and who is seen remains strictly anonymous, is an experience that is life changing… join us.