Meditative Flow Yoga

A very grounding practice incorporating breath-work & mindful movement to help limber the body/mind. Emphasis is stress release, relaxation and sacred connection to your inner beingness. ย Class moves slow like a building wave, ย taking time to deeply breathe into postures and ignite just enough energy and challenge to stay focused.

Open Community Yoga

A mixed level class encouraging students to listen to thier own bodies and intuitive movements & breaths. Class flows from opening, gentle warm up postures helping to unlock tensions and connect to our body again ~ to a mindful guided sequence of standing & sitting postures for a balanced practice .

Soul Chill Yoga with Meditation

A decadent yoga session to unwind stress and open the body with a nourishing and revitalizing flow.
We’ll smooth out the edges of an intense practice by slowing it down, integrating deep releasing stretches with long posture holds proving this class is sure to cleanse & purify. Deceptively challenging, Soul Chill can move you deeper into your practice with great ease and a smile.