Basic Yoga for Men with Mark Shifman


The goal of this series is that students would have enough experience and confidence to further their practice in group classes.
This class would concentrate on the 20 postures (asana) which form the foundation for beginner yoga posture practice. Four to six asana will be taught in each session with yoga terminology and foundational concepts.

Four basic breathing techniques will also be taught.  The relationship between breathing, the physical body and the mind will be discussed along with scientifically documented benefits of yoga.

Cost: $75

Meditative Flow with Steph

Promoting strength & inner power, long stretches, pranayama to help enliven (breathing), a meditative yoga flow which opens key areas within the body with not much standing. A sweet, delicious wake up to help quiet the mind.

Open Community Yoga with Lauren

A fun, moderate, all levels class, balancing mindful openings & invigorating sequencing. Opportunities to go at your own pace by slowing down or inviting deeper challenge.

Yin Yang Yoga with Natasha/Sally


A balanced practice cultivating the sweet and steady to help ground, quiet and enliven.  Opening with Yin energy, long deep release in easeful postures to limber and undo the knots inside.  We slowly emerge into standing strength to help our balance and core awareness.  A meditative ending incorporating breathing and meditation to ease into relaxation.

Restorative Yoga with Janice

A restorative practice relies on the use of props(blankets, bolster, straps and blocks) and prolonged holding of a few simple poses to achieve a deep level of relaxation. This unique style of yoga helps us slow down the pace of life and replenish our nervous system. Stillness of body helps us achieve a closer stillness of mind helping to quiet and soothe. The practice helps foster an expansive body awareness & level of mindfulness as we learn to rest within the postures growing more aware of where we hold tension, stress & pain and learn to let it go. Restorative is open to all, no yoga experience necessary!


*Sliding Scale donation ($7-$15) or use your class card

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